Do you love your workout clothes? Win a free outfit!

I own more workout tops than regular T-shirts. I own workout pants in quite a few colors. I’m always on the lookout for a cool pair of sneakers. Since my job is to make people sweat, wearing clothes that make you feel good and look good is pretty much a must. Have you ever noticed how a new piece of workout clothes makes you more excited about your workouts? Especially if you feel good in your skin and want to show it off!
Last year my very fashion-forward friend Bianca Jade, aka Mizzfit, introduced me to MPG – Mondetta Performance Gear, a sports clothing company. I very much liked that many pieces were inspired by dance wear and so their collection isn’t just functional but also comfortable and unique.
I was lucky enough to get samples of my favorite items and fell in love with a dancer-inspired pullover  that got me through cool fall evenings and colder boot camp days in Central Park or on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Here are my two favorite pieces:
I’m loving my white top because the material feels like suede, is soft and warm, yet it has a built in bra and so I can kick ass with it during boot camp workouts. 
The pants have the same suede feel and fit like a glove. These are perfect for a yoga class or just to get comfy on the weekend. They go just below the knee and have a great stretch effect. I’m wearing the ‘smoke’ color.  
Check out “Sabine”, a super soft hoodie with thumbholes. When I go for a run I love having warm hands and this pullover doesn’t just make your waist look smaller, but it also wraps you up so you feel cozy and warm. 
And, since every girl needs a good sports bra, you should make sure you buy a new one at least every six months – depending on your exercise frequency – since the support may wear out. Remember, that this is probably the best investment you can make. I’m a fan of the “Eris” sports bra because it has wide shoulder straps, so it doesn’t cut into your shoulders during longer runs or with lots of jumping activity. 
As luck would have it, MPG is offering a GREAT giveaway for all my blog readers. 

All you need to do is “LIKE” the MPG Facebook Page . You get to shop around their website and pick any item you like (except outerwear). In the comment section below, let me know which item you want to win. Do so by October 7th, which is when we’ll pick the winner. 
If you can’t wait that long to win, then here’s your chance to order your favorite items online with this special discount code, which gives you an AMAZING 30% off!


Rock those new workout clothes!
Cheers, Ariane

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  1. hbbs55 says:

    love their clothing, I am a class assitant at my jazzercise class and like you love new workout clothes! nothing wrong with looking good as we sweat up a storm :)
    I have several MPG clothing, but I would love to have the Aphrodite in heather charcoal!

    hbbs55 at gmail dot com

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nixi, I think. Love interesting workout gear. Since I pretty much live like a gym rat, might as well
    make sweat look fashion-forward! :)

    -Lauren Key


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