Join our 5-Day FREE NutriBullet Detox!

Join our FREE 5-Day Detox!

Last year 500 of our clients joined the 5-Day Detox. Join us again this year! Get your metabolism back to speed and rid yourself of bloat and excess body fat. It starts this Friday, July 10!

DetoxWhat do you get? 

In this guided 5-day online program, we will be using the NutriBullet to create healthy and delicious detox shakes as meal replacements. This will help your digestive system relax and your body burn body fat fast. You commit to eating 3 clean meals a day, consisting of lean protein and veggies, plus 2 NutriBullet Shakes.

What do you get?

  • ** 49 NutriBullet recipes (dessert shakes, chia pudding desserts, green smoothies)
  • ** Daily emails with inspiration, specific instructions on what to eat, and health education on what is happening with your body during a detox program.



Among the issues covered in your daily emails are:

* The most toxic fruits and veggies to avoid or to buy organic

* Daily 7-minute fat burning workouts to stimulate fat loss and detoxification of your fat cells

* Guidance on supplements that stimulate detoxification

* Understand the impact of food on your body: Which create health and beauty? Which create disease and aging?

* How do you stimulate both phases of detoxification?

* How to identify what you’re allergic to.

* What veggies reduce toxins in your body?


Here’s how to get it FREE:

Purchase a 5-class pack of OUTDOOR classes ($90 – save $15)


Purchase a 5-class pack of INDOOR classes ($105 – save $20)


Purchase the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD, which includes a set of resistance bands and a booklet illustrating the most effective exercises to get defined and lean ($25.)

Must be purchased by Thursday 11pm. Classes must be taken within 30 days. Check the class schedule for your options. 


I look forward to connecting with you on Friday for your prep day!

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