CAN NOT believe I won 1st place in Slim & Strong! So exciting! This made my day!! This class pushed me more physically than anything ever has before – so thank you. I am doing a trek on vacation this summer and I know I will be stronger. I also know these habits that I’m forming will help me get in the shape I want to for my December wedding!
I really want to continue the class – especially given that I won. Thanks also for the review of the food diary. I definitely see pad thai as a cheat meal now and I did not before! I thought tofu was a good way to incorporate more protein in to my vegetarian diet – but now I know that’s not a great idea. Wow. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you!


A while ago while living in NYC I took your Slim & Strong program. I came back to Brazil and never really had the opportunity to thank you for all you thought I could do with my body. Because of your classes I was able to pick up my pace at running and today, 2 years later, I’m finally doing 15ks. Also I can’t go without a workout for too long!
Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write to you for ages because you always took your time to listen to my complaints about my inactive boyfirend (today a mild active husband!) and even got me a few articles about possible reasons for my constant running nose.
Since I got back so many things have happened,  including getting married and turning 30 in the best shape of my life!
I never stopped using the workouts you gave us with the bands. However I miss doing the whole set properly and want to get the DVD (don’t ask why I never thought of getting it before I left – stupid). We’re moving to a bigger house now and I’ll be able to do the workouts at home. Thank you for everything!

After 21 days of detoxing, I feel absolutely fabulous. I had a big problem this morning- I couldn’t find a pair of pants that fit properly and not because they were too small, but too big!! Certainly a problem that I don’t mind having! Haha! I started using older pants that I had kept hidden away that I had hoped one  day I would fit in to, and now those are sagging on me.  I like to look at myself in the mirror now which is something I haven’t been able to do confidently in a very long time. My skin is better than it’s ever been, I’m sleeping soundly, I don’t wake up with that terrible burning feeling in my stomach, and I’m full of energy. I don’t tire as easily as I did before and my sinus issues have also been nonexistent. I’ve had major sinus infections over the past two years, this past summer being the worst. This is the longest I have gone without getting sick. I can tell you that I had been catching a cold or sinus issue almost every month until I started modifying my diet. I really do feel great, so great that I don’t even want to entertain going back to sweets and such. I definitely want to keep up with the shakes. They are part of my norm now and I prefer to have that in lieu of a piece of cake. I have a completely new outlook on myself. My goal is to lose at least another 15 to 20 and given how far I’ve come, it doesn’t seem impossible now. I look forward to more boot camp and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped set me on a new path and I can’t wait to see what else I can do.

I feel stronger, which is what I set out for.  I still need to work on my food intake and cutting out gluten.
Because of your classes I’m able to walk further, lift more, and feel energy when I should have none. I unfortunately don’t sleep anymore hours than I did before I met you, but I do sleep with less moments of insomnia.
My ultimate goal for starting exercising this summer with you was to put some strength back into my muscles that support my joints that are being destroyed by RA, and any step I can take to push that eventual wheelchair off I want to do while I still can. With exercising regularly I thought my joints would revolt and I’d fall apart, but it’s proved the opposite and I actually hurt less on a daily basis.  I started running as well, which is something I’ve never done before, and any attempt in the past involved a lot of huffing and not being able to make it more than 3 blocks without walking.  This week I ran 2.5mi without stopping to walk and that’s the furthest I’ve ever gone. I am trying my darnedest to run a 4.3mi charity event for Army Rangers this coming Sunday. If I walk, I walk, I have no expectations that will get me down, I just want to finish and I’m feeling stronger because you helped. get me there.
Much appreciative of your energy in class and your knowledge base.
Things are going well! I haven’t had this significant weight loss in a long time so I couldn’t be happier! I’ve been feeling great, energy wise.  I haven’t missed Soda ( i love coca cola, i know its horrible!!)
I do miss a few things but I am so focused on my goal that it really becomes a drop in the ocean…
Last week I barely exercised so I cant let that slip. I haven’t felt this good about my body in a long time. It’s such a great feeling to fit in size 6, I am almost at my wedding weight. My body has taken a beating in the  past couple years; with my pediatric residency I gained 12 pounds and then I got pregnant …so my body has been through a beating.
My eating has been much better since I met you in february but most importantly, I’ve been consistent. I had my cheat days, and wouldn’t let it control me. I would hop on the wagon again, and not let one night ruin 3-4 weeks of hard work. The past 5 months have been a challenge, but Im getting there.
Thank you so much for your positive energy and amazing outlook in life. Sometimes we, as clinicians, like you and me, don’t realize the huge impact we have on someone’s life. I remember my first class of slim and strong, when I could barely do a push up… I broke down crying, in the middle of the workout, about to quit -thinking I couldnt do this right now and you kept encouraging me.  This detox and everything I’ve done for the past 5 months has not only been for weightloss but for emotional and spiritual healing.
Thank you!
The detox program has been great for me on many fronts.  I weighed in at 185 bs the morning that I started.  For the last week, I’ve been holding steady at 168 lbs, which is 17 lbs less!  Although I am sure the scale will catch up soon as I have trimmed what appears to be several inches from around my upper waist and belly.  I have been consistent with my exercise throughout and going to zumba and boot camp classes locally here in Bronxville and have also seen big jumps in progress since I started the detox.  I have also been swimming for an hour each Friday morning…something I wasn’t able to do while I was still smoking.  I have more energy, endurance and I have gotten significantly stronger over the last 3 weeks.  I just saw a big jump in progress this week.  I’ve been eating a meal or having a shake an hour before my classes and then another shake after I finish at night before I go to sleep.
The best part though is how I feel.  I may have mentioned that I kicked smoking back in May and this was the 2nd phase of my best self project. :-)  I have a lot going on personally — in the process of building a business that I started a year ago this month and am in the midst of many other big personal changes (sort of finding myself after I left a company).  I have felt more focused, productive and energetic the last 3 weeks than in a long time…my skin is moist again, the bags under my eyes are gone, I feel stronger, my moods are better…I just feel great.  Like no one can stop me now. :-)
Thanks so much for everything.  This program was great…you have built something great!  You are informative, smart and share so much very valuable info over the course of the program.  I’m not only extremely satisfied with the program  but as a recent lawyer turned woman entrepreneur myself…I’m personally inspired by your story and your accomplishments.

Holy sweaty workout last night!  Just want to say you are so inspiring and I don’t know of any other fitness instructors that go as hard as you do in their classes – I love that you are as sweaty as we are.

I also am so thankful for your expert nutrition knowledge.  It’s finally really sunk in that nutrition is 80% of the game.  I have been so sick the past week and haven’t been able to work out but have still been eating clean and have been able to maintain my progress so far even though I couldn’t make it to class.

I’ve definitely lost a few more pounds and inches in my second month of Slim & Strong and hardly recognize my new thighs.


Hi Ariane & Myrna,

I have dreamt of writing this email for so long and it took a long time coming..finally, I have reached the goal that I wrote on paper last June during the Detox Retreat. I got a job offer and I can kiss my old job goodbye!! It was hard and I went through some really frustrating times and I let it affect me..but I kept remembering what you said-everything happens when it’s meant to be and the universe will give me a sign. It paid off and I finally made it-the only downside is the job is going to take me to Boston.
I am going to really really miss BBBC and both of you. You have taught me well and given me a lot of strength and made me realize that I can do much more than what I think I can. I wanted to thank you both for all the awesomeness and for the inspiration and motivation and giving me faith to believe in myself. I have met some incredible people in BBBC who have inspired me to attain higher goals and I hope I can continue to do so. I am hoping that I can come take brooklyn bridge classes over the weekends when I visit and become more regular with! You might have to start a skype channel now that so many of the alumni are in different parts of the world. I would definitely subscribe! Thanks again for being so awesome at kicking butt!
I was expecting to work hard just based on the name but when I was actually done with it I felt like I had “survived”. This workout kicks ass and works the whole body. The group is mostly women but they’re a power bunch. The instructors keep you motivated all throughout, even when you want to quit or jump off the bridge. Definitely the fastest way I’ve found to put a dent into getting back in shape.
SteveBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp
I used to be excited about the weather, planting flowers outside and all the little things that come with Spring, but now it’s BOOT CAMP. When I started boot camp last year I was 20 lbs heavier and had no drive. I had worked out before but always lost interest, never stayed with it for long. Now thanks to your boot camp work out and your nutritional advice I am 20lbs lighter, have amazing energy, muscle definition and look forward to working out – especially the boot camp! I also started running and did my first 5K with the help of Ariane, plan on doing many more and a duathalon this May! At 52 years old I feel better than I did at 20!!! Thanks Ariane you are amazing!!
AnnBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp
Ariane, I just had lunch with a colleague at one of those restaurants where the tables are packed pretty tight. And, when I was getting out of the table, I had to do one of those ‘shimmies’ past the table next to me in a tight space. My butt was essentially facing this table of two guys and I was worried that I would know over or skim something on their table (very embarrassing!). Instead, my work colleague remarked how these guys were checking out my posterior the whole time! HA! I was embarrassed that she noticed this, but I guess those donkey kicks really do the trick! See you on the bridge!
JasBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp
Ariane, thanks for all your help so far, still have a lot more to go of course, but I’m 45 pounds down since last year. Have you seen The Blind Side? There’s a scene where one lady tells another “Leighann you are changing that boys life.”
Last night when I saw my great results, and again today at 5.55am when I peeled myself out of bed, I recalled the scene because you are in fact changing my life. (OK so when she says back “no, he’s chaging mine” doesn’t apply of course…but the part of you changing mine definitely applies) A million thanks kid.
WadeBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp
Thanks so much. I had a really great time and I learned a lot from your emails and the nutrition workshop. Talking to my friends and family has resulted in a lot of them trying to fix their diets towards the right ratio of carbs protein and fats.
I truly thought that I could only lose weight using Weight Watchers and calculating points forever, but after coming to the Nutrition Workshop, I didn’t log on to the Weight Watcher site at all. The information you gave definitely allowed me to simply understand the impact certain foods have on my body and how to enjoy certain meals without guilt and learn how to get back on track.Thanks for everything!
SamanthaNutrition Workshop
Doing the Detox program a year ago has changed my eating habits. When I came to you I was at 247 pounds. I have lost over 30 and much of that has to do with the diet changes. Right now I’m hovering around 210-215 lbs and I want to get to 200.
That is my goal.
BijuNutriBullet Detox Program
Ariane, I wanted to thank you for your Detox Program. I’m excited that my mom enrolled and seriously, I’ve never seen her like this. She has kicked the soda habit for the first time in her life (!) and told me “I know I can do this, I can eat like this, because it’s working”. Which is just, yeah… amazing to hear. Her goal is to get under 200 lbs for the first time in a long, long time. I know she can do it. I’ll also be home in two months to run my first half marathon and I’m pushing her to use that as a goal to do a jog with me.
Having my aunt take part will be a huge competitive push too . And I’m not sure if she’s mentioned it, but my Dad is even getting hooked on the NutriBullet shakes).
So basically, thank you. A lot. It means the world to me that she’s tackling weight loss in a positive way and this program (and being able to do it remotely) is a big, big part of it.
AlexNutriBullet Detox Program
Hi Ariane, I just had to write and tell you about my experience with your Detox program. I’m 64 years old and have a thyroid condition, both of which have made losing weight difficult for me. In the past I’ve tried many things (weight watchers, soup diet, zone diet, Jenny Craig, etc) but nothing worked for very long. To make matters worse, I also had problems sleeping and it had been years since I slept through the night. Then my daughter Carolina told me about your detox program and I decided I had to give it a try along with my husband. The results have far exceeded our expectations! Three and a half months later I’ve lost 26 lbs and three dress sizes, and best of all I sleep through the night, every night!!! I feel amazing and have such a positive outlook on life now. What struck me most is how easy it was. Even my husband, who has the biggest sweet tooth ever and often snacked on candy, found it easy. Now when he wants to snack he grabs a bag of carrots without even thinking about it. Once we removed sugar from our diets all cravings disappeared. I don’t even want dessert after dinner, even if everyone around me eats it. Your program is amazing, effective and super easy and I would recommend it to anyone!
MaudNutriBullet Detox
Hi Ariane, This Detox was really an eye-opener for me. It has been a long time since I’ve felt so good and confident in my body. The first 4 days were tough with headaches and low energy but I woke up on Saturday a “new” Joana. Full of energy, willingness to exercise and to do outdoor activities.
The results were immediate in my skin: much softer and glowing. My belly was flatter and I noticed fat loss all over. Overall it was a positive experience with loads of learnings to apply for future. Thanks for your help and constant support.
JoanaNutriBullet Detox
I just had to share this success with you. As you know my dad did the Detox with my mom at the end of January and after that they have stayed with the program but included some cheat meals. My dad has had high cholesterol for many years, was given meds for it, but as a typical man he hasn’t taken them in months. He had a physical at the end of last year and found out his bad cholesterol was 280, right around the usual mark for him. Well, he had another physical yesterday and the doc called to tell him his results: good cholesterol right on target and bad cholesterol at 149!!!!
Down 131 points! Yet more proof how important eating right is. We all send you huge thanks for helping us turn into a much healthier family :)
CarolinaNutriBullet Detox Proram
My body is tighter, more muscular, more toned, especially around my arms and stubborn thighs. My energy level is great. I’m so happy I did the Detox. This morning I tried on my skinny pants. Before Detox I couldn’t pull them over my stomach or zip them up. This morning I was able to zip and button them up and they almost fit to wear to the office. Another 2 weeks will get me there.
TonyaNutribullet Detox
Thanks for three amazing transformative weeks. I’ve noticed quite a few changers. My face is less chunky. My stomach is flatter. My pants fit better. My palate is more acute. I want plain water now and have more energy and am focused at work. The best change I’ve noticed is that making healthy changes and nurturing our choices lowered our outrageous spending on eating out and ordering in. I’ve learned that as tired and as lazy we get at the end of the day, it feels better and it is more economical to stop off at the grocery store and pick up something good for us, rather than ordering something over-salted over-buttered, over-portioned and over-priced, that we have no connection to or personal hand in preparing. Not just because of what it is we put into our bodies, but also because of the choice that we made to do something healthy. I’m amazed at losing 9 lbs in 21 days and still keeping my sights on breaking the 170 lb barrier.
JonNutriBullet Detox
Mary Ann
I am sure you hear this all the time, the detox has changed my life! I feel and look younger, clothes that were hanging in my closet and a little snug are back in rotation, I feel like myself again! I am still eating clean and plan on continuing to do so with some things added back in: nuts, a few cocktails on the weekend, and some fruit, berries, green apples, bananas. I’d like to lose maybe 2-3 pounds more. I don’t miss any of my old foods, always tried to be healthy, wasn’t eating enough protein, and many of my old foods did have hidden sugar!
I am converted!!!! Thank you! I’d love to come in for a class on a weekend and meet you personally and thank you!
Mary AnnNutriBullet Detox
This was all I could have expected and more! The energy level every step of the way was spot-on and flexible enough for everyone to be at peace throughout. It was really just perfect! And Laura, our yoga teacher was too. Wonderful synergy of effort, fun, peace, conversation, amazing food, workouts, nature, and more! Thanks Ariane
Laura3-Day Detox Weekend Retreat
I am so happy that I did this retreat. It was exactly my speed. I learned from it and think you have great insights into what holds us back from who we are.
It was a tiny bit uncomfortable to share what I think holds me back from fully enjoying my life but acknowledging it in public- can’t be a bad thing. I think I decided a very practical course- go to a life expert rather than making continual problems not to waste money.
Workouts- hard but loved them
Yoga teacher- really special person, thank you.
Loved the entire experience.
Thank you!
Maureen3-Day Detox Weekend Retreat
Even though I was a little unsure and apprehensive about this trip because my wife suggested we go, I really enjoyed it. I loved the exercise schedule and the peace and quiet of the resort. I came here hoping for a trip outside of the city madness and I left with a lot of thoughts for making my life better, eating healthy, and a new drive to fulfill my goals. Loved the healthy tips and the delicious food. A great quote I saw at the resort somewhere- “Happiness is what a lot of people seek, however it is really a choice.” Thanks for a great trip Ariane.
Pritiesh3-Day Detox Weekend Retreat
Amazing retreat! I felt it was all encompassing retreat; it touched upon nutrition, physical, spiritual, and career. It brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged me mentally and physically. i would highly recommend this retreat to a friend. It would be great if you had this twice a summer.
Leslie3-Day Detox Weekend Retreat
Nicole Z.
I signed up for this retreat thinking of it mostly as a chance to get out of the city and for a physically intensive week. While I certainly did get what I was looking for, I also got so much more. I walked away from this weekend with a more positive outlook, a better understanding of my own and other’s struggles, great new ideas for the kitchen in the clean eating realm, confidence in myself that I can complete six workouts in three days (the Ariane kind), much flatter abs, and beautiful clean air in my lungs. I think this weekend was pretty much perfect.
Nicole Z.3-Day Detox Weekend Retreat
The trip to Costa Rica was fantastic. I felt like I challenged myself physically every single day and also had the room to choose peace, quiet and relaxation when I needed it. Ariane and Stephanie created a fun, thoughtful, varied and, most importantly, flexible retreat focusing on health, culture and Zen living. One week felt like two weeks, I don’t know how those ladies pulled that out of their magic hat. I got way more than I expected out of the trip and would most definitely go on another one of their retreats. Did I mention the laughing? There was plenty of it.
JeniCosta Rica Surf & Boot Camp Retreat 2013
I just wheezed and panted my way through the DVD. It is amazingly well done Ariane. No pandering, no nonsense and totally thorough! Things hurt that have no business hurting. The 300,000 sumos had me close to tears at one point, but it is still amazing to have that kind of workout at home. You know what we are asking for next, don’t you? That’s right – the Slim & Strong indoor workout DVD!
After all that, you can buy your own Bahama and retire there. If you are even physically capable of retiring, that is.
Still, my point is that the DVD absolutely rocks. I cannot wait to try it out while I am traveling.
KanakaBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD
Thanks for kicking my butt, i am officially beat and ready to die in my bed and i know how i am going to celebrate tomorrow …. by doing it again!
JulietaBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD
Ariane, ok, i did it. I’m tired. ;)
I only took one break, which was during the last cardio section when you guys are running back down to the bench area.
It’s NEVER ENDING and when you make us do sumos AGAIN, I literally screamed at the computer … “MORE F#(&ing SUMOS???!”
I sort of almost cried. And then i had to pause the DVD because i was laughing so hard that that had come out of MY mouth! :)
But i promise i unpaused it and kept on going through the last grueling sumos and knee ups.
I can safely say that i never want to do another sumo squat for as long as i live…
hmmm .. can’t wait until tomorrow morning!!
JulietaBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD
I have totally enjoyed working out with the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD, and what I like even more is taking the book that is inserted along with the short and long bands and giving myself a great workout on my own schedule. I have taken Ariane’s boot camp out to my local park as well as on vacation. Each time I do her workout I feel pushed as well as fit. Thanks Ariane for a great product.
RachelBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD
I LOVE the workout! I have done it 6 times already and I’m seeing amazing changes in pulse rate (less than 50 bpm now!), overall muscle tone and well being. I love the use of the bands – so I can get my butt kicked when we travel as well!. My daughters love doing it with me,and I’ve got the blue bands for my husband (and me once I’m stronger). Please keep producing more advanced videos!!!
AshleyBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD
Ariane, I exercised with your DVD today with three other guys at work. Two of us made it to the end. Two memorable comments:
1. “Shit, that chick does a full extension jumping jack.”
2. “Those sumo squats are whack.”
These guys do P90X regularly in the office, but weren’t ready for the intensity. Side note: I like P90X.
Anyway, keep it up!
JeffreyBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD
I can’t tell you how HAPPY I am with life now since starting the program. Yea, I have my moments, but they don’t bring me down anymore. It’s like I have made a complete 360 degree turn since 2010. Slim & Strong has given me so much more than I ever imagined it would. I’ve done things that I never would have thought I could do. If you would have told me 2 years ago that I would be biking long distances, improving my running, doing duathlons, ziplining in Costa Rica, run a marathon, and meeting friends that share similar interests, I would have laughed at you and said you were nuts. Yet, I have done all of these things! And it has been simply amazing. I know I have put in a lot of hard work to get this far, BUT I could have never gotten this far also without your constant encouragement, ass kickings in class, yelling, the evil looks during wiegh ins at the end of each month when I wasn’t eating clean, threats of not letting me back in Slim & Strong if I didn’t clean up my eating, reading my countless emails, setting me straight & making me see the good in things [like the other day! :) ], and always willing to listen when I needed an ear. These are the building blocks that helped me get started on my journey to a happier self and get to where I am now.
KathySlim & Strong
Mary Kate
I’m so glad I did this intensive program. It did exactly what I wanted and needed – force me to readjust my body’s clock to early AM workouts and much improved eating. I intentionally have not stepped on a scale in the past two weeks because my goals were behavioral (get up early, increase protein, drink water), but I feel great, and no matter what the scale says, I feel tighter all over. I had a chiropractic appointment yesterday and my doctor asked if I was a swimmer because I had a very toned back. I’m not a swimmer, but I immediately thought: “That’s the boot camp at work”. So, thanks. This has been just the kick in the arse I needed and I”m glad to keep going.
Mary KateSlim & Strong
Hi Ariane, first off, I just wanted you to know this isn’t a drunk email. I wanted to tell you some wonderful news before going to sleep.
My main motivation for signing up for Slim & Strong was to be able to invert on the pole again. I had pole danced for a few years but took off last winter because of a wrist injury. When I
started dancing again in February, I was devastated that my abs, back and arms weren’t strong enough to get my legs over my head anymore! I spent the summer taking beginner classes to build up my strength, but wasn’t happy with my progress. Today was my first pole class since I started Slim & Strong two months ago and I could see a huge difference in my stamina, strength AND I had no problem at all with my right-side invert. The real kicker for me, though was when I was able to repeatedly invert on my left side- something I’d never been able to do before because of lack of strength. Thank you for helping me get back to my favorite hobby.
UmbereenSlim & Strong
Hi Ariane, I just received my anniversary e-mail and it brought me back to this time 2 years ago! When I stumbled upon this bootcamp (as a result of a google search), I was just looking for something outside of the gym, something that would be interesting, challenging, and fun! Plus, I had no clue how to exercise by myself.
A couple of months and classes later, I decided to do the January Slim and Strong and from then on my body has never been the same. I learnt how to eat, why to eat, how to exercise and how to enjoy exercise. Everything clicked. Everything made sense for the first time (which is really sad to say because I worked in a gym for FOUR years before moving to NYC).
AndreaSlim and Strong
Anna H
If it wasn’t for starting Slim & Strong in April 2009, I don’t know what kind of person I’d be. Meeting you changed my life. I became more active and realized that being fit and eating right is a priority and you taught me how to do those things. Of course it’ll always be a bit of a struggle but I’m much smarter now. Whenever I’m in NY, I’ll have to sign up for a bridge class, I still remember the day I ran it non-stop; it seems like no big deal, but it was a HUGE step for me at the time. I want to feel that accomplished everyday. I wish you nothing but MORE success and a happy, healthy life.
Anna HSlim & Strong
Thank you for your great motivation throughout the month, Ariane!
You were so right about the dietary changes being a key factor. Before this I was a starchy grains and fruit fiend. When I was running marathons in my 20s I could eat those foods and more in abundance and burn it all off without gaining an ounce. But in my 30s when I stopped running distance and started working a sedentary, intellectual job (university prof), I started getting fatter, softer, and feeling constantly tired/worn out. I never made the connection between the foods I was eating and how I was feeling and looking (grains + fruit = healthy, right?). I’d heard about low carb diets before but I never really understood how they worked and was afraid they basically amounted to self-starvation. But your plan made a huge difference – with more protein in my diet I feel full throughout the day and I don’t even miss the starches one bit. In hindsight I realize they made me feel more bloated than full, and the refined grains like white pasta and rice would actually activate an extreme overeating response in me and make me hungrier and hungrier the more I ate. Now, my moods and energy are stable – exactly the way I need them to be.
SaraSlim & Strong
Ariane, as you know, I’ve been going to your boot camp classes for quite a while, but never made the commitment to your Slim & Strong program. Finally, I got to the point where I really needed a “kickstart”, especially after hearing that my cholesterol level was super high. The month of my Slim & Strong program: Amazing- how I thought I was eating such healthy meals- but frankly filling up with lot of carbs (always considering them to be “good” because they were whole grain), but not enough protein. And realizing that eating 5 small meals a day is MUCH better than 3 “healthy” ones. Well, in this one month, I was able to lose over 7 pounds including percentages of body fat, as well as inches off my waist. I have more energy and feel better overall. This, with a month that included a weekend vacation and an anniversary dinner. So, to those of you who go to the outdoor classes, this is a great way to “boost” that commitment to be healthier to a much higher level. THANKS!
DeborahSlim & Strong
It’s been a roller coaster of a ride but one that I would not change. I see food differently now. There are times when I just grab something that I know will make me feel gross afterwards but I do it as a reminder that I should not be eating them. I am definitely an emotional eater and was going through sugar cravings for about 2 weeks. I felt it was the only thing that could get me through these weeks. Then realizing that what I was doing was punishing myself with food. Your daily emails are so very helpful and encouraging. It always makes me go back to that feeling of why I decided to live a healthier lifestyle. Thank you for everything!
BlancaSlim & Strong
I have been meaning to email you and share with you my great news! I have lost a total of 32lbs and my body fat % is down to 22%. It’s been approximately 8 months since I took Slim & Strong and I can’t seem to find classes at my gym that are nearly as challenging as yours, so I create my own workouts based on the workouts you emailed us during Slim &* Strong so I can keep challenging myself.
BeatriceSlim & Strong
Laura B.
Thank you!!! I am still pinching myself about my amazing time for my 10K race. Especially because I haven’t done really any cardio or race training. The last race I ran was the weekend before I moved to NY 2.5 years ago. It was a half marathon and my timing was about 9:20 minutes per mile. It’s a good pace, but I have always wanted to be faster. I stopped running because I wanted to lose weight and focus on gaining muscle. So since moving here, I’ve been focusing on high intensity intervals – hello, Slim & Strong and Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp to do that. I actually didn’t start running more than once a week until 2 weeks after our Climb to the Top race. I went into the race with the only goal of getting through it. I wasn’t even pushing myself really. During the race, I kept checking the timer and my watch and I kept thinking my math was off since it seemed that I was running too fast. So how shocked was I when I saw my official time was a pace of 8:30 min per mile!!!! I was smiling all the way home and the all next day!! I feel so strong and powerful and much of that came from your philosophy. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I’m now dreaming of getting down to 7:59 min per mile.
Laura B.Slim & Strong
I wasn’t kidding when I said, if you want to climb a mountain or seven, sign up now! Thank you.
HollySlim & Strong
Ariane, you know, when I was on Kilimanjaro (it is 5 days up to an ungodly 5895 meters and 2 days down to sea level in knee-wrenching agony), I met tens of people who had been training for the expedition, for as long as 13 months! One guy had done some Insanity DVD program, a couple did a PX90 regimen twice over, this third guy did the stair master every day for 3 hours at a time carrying a 50 lb weighted backpack. It freaked me out – every time I heard another boastful feat of strength and how long someone had been riding their elliptical, my heart sank, blood pressure shot up and inner voice went “oh you are screwed, you are so completely screwed, no way is bootcamp 3x a week going to get you up this thing! PS: AAAAAAAAAAH!” And I beat them all, yes, including Ms 3-hour-elliptical! Not only in terms of how quickly I got to the summit on D day, but in terms of no altitude sickness (some of it is sheer luck, but there is a direct correlation between overall fitness and ratio of aerobic:anaerobic capacity of the body; with susceptibility to acute mountain sickness), no major or minor injuries en route and believe it or not, no weight loss due to muscle attrition (despite questionable food on the expedition). I was one of the very few people whose smile on their summit photograph was not brought to you by Adobe! I attribute it ALL to Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, and to you.
KanakaSlim & Strong
Ariane, I have much to thank you for. I went from being an overweight, out-of-shape blob to telling Brad Pitt to watch his back. And my pants nearly fell off in the process. Who would have thought? And it ain’t over til it’s over, as the great Yogi Berra once put it. I plan on losing more than the 30 lbs I’ve lost so far. I sing your praises. Your approach is holistic, which really makes a difference. You’re tough when you have to be and you make your disciples (count me among them) feel you’re in it with them. You’re easy to work with and enjoy a good laugh. I felt almost as if you took as much pride in what I accomplished as I did, and that made me feel prouder. To my trainer par excellence, thanks!
PamPrivate Personal Training & Nutrition with Ariane

THANK YOU for the brutally awesome workout yesterday. I’m so out of shape, never exercise, and while I may have seemed out of it and almost ready to give up, I’m going to see this through and I’m beyond excited about that. Definitely feeling it this morning and really looking forward to establishing the beginning of changing bad habits.

After my first boot camp class I saw Ariane for a nutrition consultation to lose weight with proper nutrition. After only one week I was off my oral diabetes medications.
By the third week I had lost 10 lbs. By the fourth week I knew I could make this a permanent change. Two hours after tonight’s class I can’t wait for the next one.
Diabetes sent my Dad to heaven last year, so my wife Mary is thrilled that I am finally taking care of myself. Since meeting Ariane a month ago I never had so much fun working out so hard and never paid so little to sweat so much and learn to change my eating habits. I did find out how good of a trainer Ariane is and what makes her different. It’s not just the results or personal follow-up; it’s that she’s the best. Go ahead, burn some calories and call her!
ThomasPrivate Nutrition Consultation with Ariane
Leonie H.
Before my nutrition consultation with Ariane I was clueless about how to finally lose weight. In the past five years I had tried different diets and the result was always temporary weight loss only to then gain each time 10lbs back. I am a writer, journalist and university lecturer and weight is not just a matter of health and personal well-being, but also a matter of professional appearance, as I am in the public eye a lot. It is hard to stand there and speak about success or lyrics if your looks demonstrate lack of will power and control over eating. It has been two months since my Skype nutrition consultation with Ariane. It marked a turning point and completely changed things. I have lost 33 pounds so far, from 176 to 143 lbs. My favorite clothes fit again and I have a bunch of new ones, and I am happy and feel young. I highly appreciate Ariane’s individual handling of my problem, the briefing session as well as the coaching in the weeks after it. I am very thankful, euphoric and wish everyone to discover this great service. Your whole life improves, you feel free, strong, and energetic. You are in good hands with Ariane’s coaching.
Leonie H.Private Skype Nutrition Consultation with Ariane
Jay F.
When i began training with Ariane less than 2 years ago, my goals were modest. I wanted to work out but knew i’d need a trainer to keep me motivated. I had no idea where Ariane would take me. There are many good trainers who will help build muscle. There are few who inspire the change to a fully healthy lifestyle. That’s Ariane’s gift. Slowly but surely Ariane has guided me in physical training, healthy nutrition to healthy thinking. Now we’re training to fulfill my life-long dream of trekking in the Himalayas to climb Mount Everest Base Camp. I’m only months away from my 66th birthday.
Ariane’s not a trainer. She is an inspiring coach and mentor, a rare person indeed. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her.
Jay F.Personal Training with Ariane
I have taken 5 classes so far and I have to say I love it.. and I see a difference in my body. i am an active person in general, doing cardio at the gym or running outside about 5 times a week. This class was exactly what I needed to give my body that extra umph to make a difference! The bootcamp classes include everything from running, to lunges, to push ups, to band work outs. It gets all of your body. I have tried classes at both the brooklyn bridge (which can be crowded because of all the people on it) and Central Park – both have amazing scenery to work out in. All in all the class is totally worth it and I am so happy that I found it!
ChristineBrooklyn Bridge Boot Camp
I am SO happy to be back in Slim & Strong. I have to tell you, the class has completely changed my view on exercise, and has helped me tremendously. I am so appreciative of all of the motivation and support you provide! I have been training for the NYC half marathon taking place next weekend, and every time I’ve trained in the past, I’ve gotten injured or simply wasn’t strong enough to make it to the race. This time around was SO completely different thanks to your class. I have found training a breeze, and I can actually feel the difference in my body-it’s so much stronger and able to accomplish so much more after 3 months of Slim and Strong. You’ve really helped me make a lasting change, and as long as your class is around, I’ll be taking it!
I wanted to email you just to tell you how much I love this boot camp. I have always worked out and have taken spinning classes and strength training but I have to say, your class has been the most challenging. It gives me such a high. When I am done, I feel so accomplished. Also with your food suggestions, I feel like my body is getting leaner and stronger. This is my first time taking these classes with you but it won’t be the last for sure. It makes my morning trip from Staten Island and waking up at 4:30am absolutely worth it.
I just weighed myself and I am so happy. I have lost 4 pounds in the last 5 days. I feel great and so does my body. I did cheat a little on the weekend. I had a sugar-free soy latte, 2 peaches and little roasted potato. And you are right about how the body starts rejecting starches, excess oil or sugar. I hope I continue doing this diet and boot camp until I lose another 20 pounds. Thank you so much!